A Smarter and Better Philippines Through The Powers of Science, Technology and Innovation

Over the years, the Philippines has gone through a lot of transformation, most notably in its present economic state. Although rich in natural resources, its capability of harnessing its full use has always been behind compared to its other Asian counterparts. Sadly, in terms of its progress, the Philippines is still developing until its full potential is tapped and unleashed. One way is through science, technology and innovation. Access to new and appropriate technologies to promote steady improvements in living conditions, which can be lifesaving for the most vulnerable populations, and drive productivity gains which ensure rising incomes.

Science and technology has been around ever since people started trying to improve their way of living. Throughout history, people have developed and utilized any sort of inventions, innovative creations and technological devices to achieve whatever purpose they need to achieve. As the saying goes, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” Whenever there is a need, science and technology, and all the innovations that arise from that necessity, will change and adapt to the cultures that set it forth.

All three are interrelated. With the occurrence of a need, scientific discoveries were made and pursued. Scientific development has become a more direct driver of innovation. Technological progress has come about from transformations deeply rooted in science and all its disciplines. Innovation process required multidisciplinary scientific knowledge due to the complexity of technological revolution.

Utilizing the fuels of science, technology and innovation are one of the keys, if not the most powerful, to improving the economic performance and development of a country. Over time, increased quality of capital and labor, a smarter and more innovative ways of producing goods and services, and improved quality of living will result to growth from scientific endeavors, technological progress and innovation process. Take for example the growth of Japan. During World War II, Japan was one of the most devastated countries in the world after Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed. But like a phoenix, it rose from its ashes and has rebuilt itself, becoming into one of the world’s forefront in development through the use of technological advancement.

Strong linkage to and background of science, technology and innovation is advantageous to the academe, the industry, the government and the public. With the onset of new knowledge, schools update their curricula based on the new information base, resulting to well-trained and well-equipped human resource.  Trade and commerce can benefit from educated and learned workforce and have better access to process and product innovation which in turn creates more jobs, higher quality and productivity, and competitive prices. With value-added product and services, the government can impose changes in their policy for a better and improved living. With better living conditions and access to new founts of information, the public will have increased awareness making life easier and efficient. That is what science and technology and innovation can do! A smarter and better Philippines? Why not! Using science, technology and innovation as approach to advancing the development of the nation can even make the Philippines one of the lions of Asia.